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Health Services Applicant

Welcome to the Health Services Applicant Page

The HS-PAC Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee Committee is responsible for the Health Services Applicant Placement Program (HSAPP). The HSAPP is responsible for assisting the applicants through the commissioning process and aiding in identifying appropriate employment opportunities within various agencies. Our desire is to help make navigation of the commissioning process transparent and accessible.

Applying for a call to active duty as a U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps (CC) officer requires that you must possess a commissionable degree and complete the two step application process. You must apply for a Corps commission, and you must also apply for jobs at agencies that accept Commissioned Corps officers in their programs. You should pursue both processes simultaneously. For more information go to

To assist with this process, the applicant is assigned a HSAPP Discipline Liaison once the application for commissioning is deemed qualified. A HSAPP Discipline Liaison is a Health Service Officer who serves as a volunteer and acts as a liaison between the Health Services applicant and hiring agencies. The Discipline Liaison also mentors and guides the applicant through the application process. The Discipline Liaison refers position announcements to applicants as well as assists by reviewing applications, resumes, and even preparing for interviews.

Please note officers serving in this capacity are volunteers only; as your advocate, they will often communicate or direct your communication with personnel in Commissioned Corps Headquarters. Also, if you qualify through the Pre-Screen process, you will automatically be assigned a liaison. If there are no available positions for someone with your degree; you will receive a letter that explains the needs of the Corps at the time of your application.